Frequently Asked Quesions

Q: Where do you get your mileage info for the vehicles in your list?

A: Our mileage info for passenger motor vehicles comes from the Environmental Protection Agency's 2008 Fuel Economy Guide.

Q: How do I calculate my gas mileage?

A: To get the complete picture of how you are driving, try these simple steps to calculate your actual gas mileage. Keep in mind that the mileage you see can vary greatly from the EPA estimates provided when you bought your car, depending on many factors including your driving habits. Checking it manually this way is an easy way to keep tabs on what you're spending on gas.

1) Fill up your tank completely. Don't top off.

2) Reset your trip odometer (or write down the master odometer mileage).

3) Go about your regular business, until you've used at least half a tank of gas.

4) Fill up your tank again, and this time write down the trip odometer reading (or elapsed mileage on the master odometer) and the number of gallons that went into your tank from the pump.

5) Divide the number of miles you traveled by the number of gallons. The resulting number is the gas mileage you got on that tank of gas.

This is an easy way to track what sort of gas mileage you are seeing on every tank.